Lisa Pliscou Featured on the Regency Explorer

Lisa Pliscou’s guest post, “Jane Austen’s ‘Secret’ Brother,” recently appeared on the Regency Explorer blog. 

Lisa’s post begins:

As I was making my way through a stack of Jane Austen biographies — what began as pure enjoyment and ultimately became research for my Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer — I was surprised to see that occasionally, an author would tally Jane’s siblings and end up with six.

The correct number, of course, is seven; altogether there were eight Austen children, beginning with James and ending with Charles. Jane’s older brother George, somehow, slipped between the cracks.

And why? Because he was the “defective” Austen child.

"Changes" by Massimo Mongiardo in Lisa Pliscou's "Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer"

“George had been put somewhere else. They might see him sometimes, but he would never come home. . . . Poor George.” From “Young Jane Austen”; this illustration is “Changes” by Massimo Mongiardo.

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