“Young Jane Austen” a Book of the Week at Friday Night Lights

Young Jane Austen is a “Book of the Week” at the Friday Night Lights blog.

“A beautiful book,” praises Jeff Botch. “One of my favorite parts is when Pliscou writes, ‘The family gathered again for dinner, and afterwards Papa would read to his students: it might be a story about strong heroes and strange monsters, or about a poor sailor shipwrecked on a faraway island, or about a brave boy who pulled a sword from a stone and learned he was to be king.’

“This was certainly a time in history when men were looked upon as more important than women, but Jane was smart, curious, and eager to read anything and everything she could get her hands on.

“Just because society may appear to be telling you one thing, you have the opportunity to write your own life. . . . This book can make a difference.”


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