Young Jane Austen
Becoming a Writer

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A biography for teens & adults
A Foreword Reviews Book of the Year, Gold Award in Biography/Adult Nonfiction
An IPPY Silver Medalist
An Austenprose Best Book of the Year

“An intriguing glimpse of their heroine’s childhood for young Jane Austen fans, especially writers.” —Polly Shulman, author of Enthusiasm

“A charming book, daintily produced.” —Jane Austen’s Regency World

“The book is a stocking-filler size, with a heavily decorative style, the pages adorned with curleque borders and floral backdrops, but don’t let its gift-worthiness fool you. Just as Young Jane was a profound wit in a small package, so the book surprises.” —Georgina Parfitt, Quadrapheme

“Like the very best of books, Young Jane Austen exists well beyond labels. It is an empathetic biography and an empathic search, a reflection on a singular person and an engaging, universal treatise on creative fervor. At the heart of it all lives an against-the-odds heroine who helped launch that strange, imperfect, necessary creature we now call the novel.” —Beth Kephart, author of Handling the Truth: On the Writing of Memoir and Going Over

“A delightful glimpse into the world of the young Jane Austen, which will appeal to adults as well as teenagers. The narrative is beautifully written, enabling the reader to vividly imagine Jane’s world of family, events, and her inner life, on the journey to becoming a writer during her formative years. The addition of annotations and reference material, gained from many sources, help further explore the historical background and context, along with accompanying illustrations, setting Jane Austen firmly in the Georgian world. A charming tribute.” —Jane Odiwe, author of Searching for Captain Wentworth and Lydia Bennet’s Story

“A charming book, of interest to readers of all ages in its imaginative retelling of central events in Austen’s life and its exploration of questions over which she must have puzzled.” —Sarah Emsley, author of Jane Austen’s Philosophy of the Virtues and Jane Austen and the North Atlantic

“Readers will be inspired to take on some of Austen’s novels after reading this book. . . The beautiful paper and illustrations of this book made me wish that more books were creatively printed. I felt as if I was reading a text from the time period of Austen’s life, which made me feel warm and fuzzy. . . The text begs for readers to conduct research.” —Ricki Ginsberg, Unleashing Readers

“Pliscou uses modern psychological thinking to thoughtfully speculate on how Austen might have responded to the few known circumstances of her life as a child, given her later works and words. . . Covering familiar ground but also providing insights into why and how Austen was able to tap vast reservoirs of creativity to become the Austen we know and love.” —Reading, Writing, Working, Playing

“Delightful and infinitely readable. . . I was impressed with her ability to take vast volumes of Austen scholarship and research and distill those down into a series of very clear, very digestible paragraphs that really helped to illuminate Austen’s life story.” —Austenprose

“Young Jane Austen is breathtaking. The writing is superb, the illustrations brilliant, and the design gorgeous. I especially enjoyed the book’s focus on creativity and its development. Glorious! Jane Austen would be proud!” —Leslie McGuirk, bestselling author, artist, and creator of the “Quest for Inspiration” workshops

“Gracefully written and illustrated, Lisa Pliscou’s Young Jane Austen offers captivating insights into Austen’s early years and her sometimes rocky path toward becoming a writer, in an era when this was decidedly not a ‘proper’ career choice for a girl. Teenagers especially will relate to young Jane’s challenges and struggles in finding her way — finding her unique voice — in life. This is a great biographical introduction to Austen, and to her novels as well. I learned much about one of my top-ten authors of all time!” —Nancy Gruver, founder and CEO of New Moon Girl Media, board member of the Brave Girls Alliance, and author of How to Say It to Girls

“Lisa Pliscou’s Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer is beautifully rendered and the illustrations appealing. Adults will find the plentiful annotations fascinating, and both they and sophisticated younger readers will enjoy the narrative text. A charming window into Jane Austen’s early life and times.” —Judith Lindbergh, founder and director, the Writers Circle, and author of The Thrall’s Tale

“Lisa Pliscou has written a beautiful little book on the early life of Jane Austen. Based on extensive research, Young Jane Austen will delight anyone who has ever been enchanted by the marvelous wit and storytelling of one of our greatest authors, and wondered how Jane’s own childhood may have influenced the creation of her most memorable characters.” —Laura Fraser, Editorial Director, Shebooks, and author of An Italian Affair and All Over the Map

“An important piece of work. It advances knowledge about Jane Austen for the benefit of readers of all ages, and challenges approaches based on fact and logic, by using speculation and imagination. As a young person, the book is inspirational for me: it encourages readers to pursue their literary dreams, as Jane Austen so evidently did. In this book, Pliscou has travelled through time to examine the ambiguity of Jane’s early life, and she has given her readers a meaningful glimpse of what Austen’s brilliance might have been like.” —The Chronicle, Jane Austen Society of Australia