Fun with Dude and Betty

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A picture book for all ages

“Catch a wave with Dude and Betty in Lisa Pliscou’s vivid children’s book. It’s a most excellent adventure. . . Give ‘Dude’ as a present to the expectant surfer parents you know, or, for that matter, to anyone with small kids who like adventure. ‘Dude’ is a light, colorful lark of a tale . . . just like a day at the beach.” —the Los Angeles Times

“A hilarious take on the old children’s readers Fun with Dick and Jane, with language like it was written by those righteous dudes, Bill and Ted. . . The illustrations are colorful, clean and just make you want to grab your board and head to the beach with Dude and Betty.” —the Associated Press

“This cheeky debut pokes fun at traditional reading primers while reveling in California surf culture. . . Readers will be stoked about this fresh, funny, way-cool slice of Americana.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The formulaic blandness of the old Dick and Jane early readers seems to make them an irresistible target for ironic hipsters. With Dude: Fun With Dude and Betty, Lisa Pliscou has turned the familiar style into something hilarious by applying it to surf culture. We meet Dude, a blond kid of about 12, on his way to the beach: ‘Dude is a way cool guy.’ Dude waves at us, and already we’re smiling. . . Tom Dunne’s sunny, retro illustrations perfectly match the good-natured tone of the text. Young readers may need help puzzling out words like ‘bodacious’ and ‘cruisemobile,’ but their chuckling parents won’t mind.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Dick and Jane are so bogus! Dude and Betty are way more righteous . . . This will certainly amuse parents. Whether or not kids get the tongue-in-cheekiness, it still works as a book for young people, and a pretty bodacious one at that.” —Booklist

“The best and funniest book for mini-groms I’ve seen in years. Old-school Dick and Jane fans will love it too!” —Matt Warshaw, author of The Encyclopedia of Surfing

“Dreaming about the art of catching waves? Dude is Surfer Speak 101.” —Duke Boyd, surf icon, Hang Ten cofounder, and author of Legends of Surfing

“Lisa Pliscou’s updated love letter to a bygone era keeps it simple, real, and delightfully ‘rad,’ just like Dude!” —Jerome Lynn Hall, Professor of Surf Culture and History, University of San Diego

“Pliscou mimes the sincere voice and meticulous punctuation of an easy reader (‘See Dude surf. Whoa! Look at Dude surf. Surf, Dude, surf’). Her humor arises from unexpected vocabulary (‘Stokaboka!’), paired with earnest illustrations of Dude hanging 10, wiping out, and visiting a taco stand for a ‘bodacious burrito’—things Dick and Jane never dreamed of.” —Publishers Weekly