David’s Discovery
A Story about Staying Strong, Being Safe, and Getting Help

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A picture book for ages 5­ ­– 10

“Told from the point of view of 11-year-old David as he faces growing up, mounting independence and peer pressure, David’s Discovery is a great conversation starter for any parent who wants to be sure their child has a good game plan for navigating the obstacles of adolescence. The story takes difficult ideas and grounds them in situations and feelings children and adults recognize, and provides a guide for discussion at the end to make sure you say the things you both need to know. This book should be the first step in talking to your child about knowing what’s right, what’s wrong and how to tell the difference.” —Renew

“As a mother, the value of a book like this is priceless . . . I wish my kids had this book when they were young, but I am so deeply pleased that there are children who will be guided by the message of this book. It will save lives.” —Ashley Webb Dane, Follow Your Bliss